How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank: A Beginner’s Guide

When you think of Instagram, what comes to mind? Aesthetic pictures, influencer content, and food? Well, for some, Instagram is a great way to earn tons of money. The best part is, you can start earning money on Instagram too.

How do you ask? Easy, through ClickBank. This article will give a complete guide on how you can start earning with your Instagram profile with the help of Click Bank. Before we get on with the guide, here are some stats for some context.

  • 80% of Instagram’s user follows a business
  • Two amongst the top 3 performing posts is a promotion of a product
  • 70% of American business use Instagram
  • The number of influencers in the platform are huge

Now that we have your attention let’s get on with the step by step guide on how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank.

Step 1 – Double Down On Your Profile

The first course of action is getting your profile on point. Have a robust and complete profile on Instagram to get things moving. Create a complete profile. By that, we mean, you must fill in the bio, set a profile picture.

Start following other accounts. You can use the follow/unfollow method. Keep in mind Instagram allows you to follow a total of 7,500 accounts. When you’re starting off, try not to follow more than 200 accounts per day.

After you have been on the platform for some time, you can start following 700 accounts or so per day.

You should be posting regularly. There is no getting around this fact. Posting regularly (preferably every day) will get the algorithm to show your profile to more users. Pick your niche and post content with relevant and trending hashtags.

Step 2 – Finding Your Niche

After you’ve set up a killer profile, it’s now time to set your niche. You will find multiple products that span across various niches. Pick a niche that goes well with your profile.

Head over to the official ClickBank website. ClickBank is the leading affiliate marketplace.

Whether you’re into health and fitness, or maybe technology or even arts and entertainment – also make sure to choose one that has higher returns per sale.

If a product has caught your eyes, look at the company’s page. Are they doing good?

You would ideally want to pick a product or a company that is going strong. Look into the past performance figures. That should give you a good idea of potential growth opportunities.

Keep in mind its best to choose a product that has a gravity of above 70.

Step 3 – Your Content

Perhaps the most important steps. Your content is what is going to make potential customers convert. Your promotional content should be clear and on-brand.

When creating the promotional content, maintain a style according to the style of your niche. You can check out the product page of the product you chose to promote itself. If they happen to have pictures over there, use them!

Make use of the product page. The great thing about using the product page is you do not need an additional website to promote the products. Plus, you have the benefit of a straightforward affiliate URL too.

If you want to dive into creating original content, there are many video making tools like Viddyoze. With Viddyoze, you can make stunning visuals and videos to create your product promotions that are sure to convert.

We are offering a coupon for Viddyoze too. Click here to know more.

Step 4 – Promoting them on Instagram

You’ve created killer promotional content. Now it’s time to promote them on Instagram. For ease of the potential customers, shorten the affiliate link with the help of

Have the link on your bio and instruct your followers to click the link all the time. These call-to-actions are very important. Entice people by clicking the link in the caption with some clever copy and emojis.

Make sure to track the numbers and data. You need to be on top of the sales numbers you’re getting. Optimize your strategies and tweak your campaigns accordingly.  

How to Make Money on Instagram with ClickBank: Pro Tips

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These easy steps are a beginner’s guide on how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank. However, there are some extra tips and tricks you can employ to get that extra edge.

1. Avoid excessively posting your affiliate link

Try avoiding posting your affiliate link with all posts. It’s not in good taste. Rather you can redirect people to the link on your bio

2. You can get crafty and generate more leads

You can generate massive leads by getting people to visits your website. From there, you can collect emails and more. These can be used as leads later on for future campaigns.

Instagram stories and Instagram Live are also very viable ways to generate leads. Be creative and original. Check out our coupon for ClickFunnel. The most effective sales tool you can find right now.

3. Increase engagement by buying likes 

Having engagement is crucial for people to start trusting you. Proper engagement creates authority and trust. However, that can be hard. Although it is always best to get organic reach and engagement, you can look into buying likes for more engagement.

Subscribing to auto likes but do not use them all the time. Mix up the strategy. As mentioned before, you should be including relevant and trending hashtags, so your post appears on others’ feed.


Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. That a lot. If you are not making the best use of that opportunity, you’re surely missing out. The great thing here is you will be working with ClickBank.

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate programs that convert well. So what are you waiting for?  Start Banking and earn some serious profits.

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